Welcome to the genealogy of Gil de Montes, in which we will enter the family tree, at the origin of the name and related historical events.

        Knowing the Genealogy and family links is not only to know who were our ancestors, it is well known part of history. It is one of the cultural and scientific tools more useful for understanding cultural and historical events and their evolution, the evolution of societies and individuals. Relations between the History and Genealogy are so intense that sometimes are almost inseparable.

        In these years of research and knowing I could delve into specifics framed historical events as the War of Independence, the territories of the Spanish Crown in America and Asia as part of the Spanish Empire, the Spanish Civil War, etc.

        It's in our human nature to wonder about our ancestors, who they were, where they lived, what they were like. We create our family tree, we keep some photos, inherited antiques and visited places hoping to capture some of those who came before, to locate ourselves in the course of history and position in the network of human existence.

        It is curious to know that all men that are currently living are "close" relatives. Suffice to seven thousand years back into the past to meet a man who was ancestor of all humans alive today. It is equally surprising to know that if one of those predecessors would had not existed or would had not had offspring with the chosen person, no one that descended from him would have existed.

        Serve this page to not only learn about the past but also to look to the future, to know everyone who has the surname and their spouses and descendants of those who took it, remember those who were, enjoy those who are and provide for those who arrive, put aside differences and promote harmony, strengthen the links, create links and fraternity, being the common link our roots. People come and go, but the name remains. I hope it lasts for centuries!