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OBJECTIVES: Collaborate to help with the genealogy of our surname Gil de Montes and historical research to find the origins of the name, as well as knowledge of past and present Gil de Montes people, promoting encounters and meetings, etc. All these materials are kept and made available to any family member who wants it, some of which are shown on the website.

To achieve the above objectives can help in several ways:

Puente de Ronda

  • COLLABORATION DOCUMENTARY: By contribution of historical documents, both individual and institutional, related with the surname or any family member, past and present photos of Gil de Montes and their spouses; contribution of family stories or anecdotes that, even without graphic document, have been handed down overgenerations; personal data from Gil de Montes, past and current (full names, dates of birth, marriage or death, place of residence, emails, etc..). There are various means for submission: via e-mail direccion@gildemontes.es or through the Blog or Facebook.
  • ACTIVE COOPERATION: Active Cooperation: Promoting and participating in meetings held to know ourselves or share good times, participating in investigations andoutputs that are made to collect data and document collections, participating in social networks of Gil de Montes, etc.
  • ECONOMIC COOPERATION: Financial aid will go to the maintenance of the website, which since 2013 has its own domain and hosting, to the expense involved numerous copies and shipping documents requested to date from the various agencies (National Historical Archive, Archive of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda,Segovia Military Historical Archive, Museum Mitre of Argentina, parochial and diocesan files, etc..) travel costs, etc. Since the start of these activities in 2003 these costs have been covered by Antonio Gil de Montes, but any contribution will encourage research and compliance objectives. To make a contribution click on the link below which explains the steps: Download

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